5 Ingredients to Spice up Your Website’s Design

There are quite a number of similarities between a good website designer and a Master Chef, irrespective that they both come from different fields. One of the most important similarities is that they have an eye for creativity and details which brings out the best results, whether it’s a delicacy or a website. Other than that, for both professionals, the final presentation is what matters most, ranging from color combinations to enthralling the senses of their customers, making them come back for more each time. To make this possible, both professionals must have the right knowledge about which ingredient goes where and the right quantity to create the perfect balance. 

Like a Master Chef, all website designers too are craftsmen in their profession. Hence, they have to balance all the right elements for a website design to look appealing and be successful. Keeping this in mind for all website designers around the world, who are aspiring to be the best, here are 5 main elements that they must always take care of.

A Strong Choice of Color Schemes

The use of uncoordinated colors on a website can make it a painful sight for users. That is why it is very important to keep strong color palettes handy at all times, especially when it’s about modern website design. Too many colors become visually distracting, so most modern website designs opt for only two or at the most three in their major design elements. The best way to go about this is to choose one background and accent color for the overall website. 

Sufficient White Space

When we say White Space it denotes the space that is present between various elements of a website. Also, as the name suggests, this space does not have to be white. When a website designers uses the white space carefully and well, it can guide the visitors attention to your goal, create conversions, and aesthetically allow your design to breathe. Websites that have little or next to no white space can make visitors feel claustrophobic due to a cluttered website.


As a seasoned web designer, you must understand that your visitors are not only going to use their laptops or desktops to visit your website. With over a population of 70% mobile users they would most likely choose using their mobile phones to do the same. Hence, this is one element that a website designer has to carefully consider while designing a website ensuring that it works great across all devices. Keep testing a website for responsiveness multiple times before it is launched in both portrait and landscape mode. This will ensure that the layout is a fit for all screen sizes.

Optimized Speed

The main reason why most visitors give up on using a website is its loading time. Hence, it is imperative for website designers to not overlook this design element. As technology progresses with each passing day, so does the expectations of people with websites. Optimize your website’s loading time by improving the size of images, compressing files to a smaller size so that they load faster, or by using  proper hosting options to name a few. 


Content has always been king for any online venture and it cannot be said differently in the case of website designing either. The right words can make a strong impact on users and may even lead to conversions in the long run.  Content can also help in boosting a website’s SEO. However, always remember that you must use this element sparingly because using too much content can have an adverse effect and make your website look cluttered and ugly. 


All in all, these were the 5 most important elements that are required to make your website design a popular choice for your customers. Just remember to incorporate these elements so that your website is well optimized for functionality and structure.

Namrata Diengdoh

Namrata is a Senior Content Architect, Editor, and Social Media Strategist, who started her journey in fitness and health. She loves to create, re-create, and design, whether it's a room, crafts, or a website. An eco-enthusiast, she believes in "Recycle and Reuse" anything that can be salvaged. Humor is what keeps her alive and kicking every day.

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