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5 Things To Consider While Buying A Laser Printer

A laser printer is a new yet very popular type of personal computer printer that uses a non-impact (keys that does not strike the paper), photocopier technology. IBM introduced the first laser printer in 1975 for use with its mainframe computers. In 1984, Hewlett-Packard revolutionized laser-printing technology with its first LaserJet, a compact, fast, and reliable printer that personal computer users could afford. Hewlett Packard continues to be the leading manufacturer with competitors including Lexmark, Okidata, and Xerox.

The laser printer is different from an inkjet printer in a number of ways. The toner or ink in a laser printer is dry. In an inkjet, it is wet. The printed paper from an inkjet printer will smear if wet, but a laser-printed document will not.

Note: Over time, an inkjet printer is about ten times more expensive to operate than a laser printer because ink needs replenishing more frequently.

If your printing needs are minimal, an inkjet printer is sufficient. But if your printing volume is high, consider buying a laser printer. Always remember to checklist these important features to consider while buying your first laser printer-

Print Speed and Capacity

If you are looking for personal laser printers for your homes and personal use, you can go for the ones that are sufficient enough for printing an average of 200 pages per week. These are fairly good and the price is undeniably reasonable as well. And if you are on the lookout for printers for business purposes, work group, office or even commercial publishers you need to have production printers are needed for printing 50,000 or more pages per week. They can print up to 700 ppm and you have to be ready to spend a fair higher amount of money for such production laser printers. They can print 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Printer Resolution

The standard resolution in most laser printers is 600 dots-per-inch (dpi).This resolution is sufficient for normal everyday printing including small desktop publishing jobs. A high-end production printer might have a resolution of 2400 dpi. If you purchase a printer with 300 dpi, make sure it has RET (Resolution Enhancement Technology). RET does not improve the resolution, but it will make the printed document more professional and good.

Printer languages

Printer Control Language (PCL) is used for printing letters, database printouts, spreadsheets, and simple graphics. A laser printer that uses PCL can be upgraded to Postscript by installing a software driver provided by the manufacturer of the laser printer.

Paper handling

Paper handling is important when shopping for a laser printer. Most laser printers use letter-size, cut-sheet paper. High-end production printers use continuous sheet paper. Whereas, laser printers can print on transparencies, adhesive labels, and lightweight cards.

FPOT and warm-up time

Laser printer purchasing without considering this feature FPOT (first paper out time) and warm-up time will be futile. The warm-up time is very important since we have to know how much time is being consumed for warm up when the the printer is turned on, it needs time to warm up the fuser to operating temperature. If the printer has a standby mode or is turned off between printing jobs, the warm-up time becomes even more important.

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